What are ‘rabbit ears’?
From Wikipedia:

A dipole antenna, developed by Heinrich Rudolph Hertz around 1886, is an antenna with a center-fed driven element for transmitting or receiving radio frequency energy. These antennas are the simplest practical antennas from a theoretical point of view. The most common dipole antenna is the “rabbit ears” type used with televisions. While theoretically the dipole elements should be along the same line, “rabbit ears” are adjustable in length and angle.

What is Rabbit Ears Media?

Rabbit Ears Media, LLC., seeks to provide clientele with practical digital video production to reach their audience with a crystal clear message.

Video is a powerful tool with which to tell our story of a vibrant city of Hartford. Rabbit Ears Media, LLC has been providing video production services to art organizations, businesses, and community groups in Hartford since 2005. As a lifetime resident, I based my video production business in the city, highlighting its artistic and community events to promote the diversity of Hartford. My goal is to provide organizations with quality video documentation of their work and special events at an affordable cost, without sacrificing the artistic vision of our collaboration. Organizations that I have worked with include The City of Hartford, Blue Hills Civic Association, CT Science Center, HartBeat Ensemble, Real Art Ways, ConnCAN, CRT, and ConnectiKids. These videos have reached many via the internet, creating a document of what Hartford has to offer.

We provide video services for community groups, non-profit organizations, commercial purposes, theatrical performances, and arts groups. Whether you seek to broadcast your event on cable or the internet, or simply distribute it via DVD to your associates, we can get deliver it for you.

Helder Mira, filmmaker and video producer, created Rabbit Ears Media, LLC in 2004 to create visual productions for public access television and clients on a shoestring budget. The main mission of Rabbit Ears Media is to produce innovative video (& film). Our clients have ranged from non-profit organizations – such as community groups in Hartford, HART, SNAP, Knox Parks Foundation – to the City of Hartford and the Mayor’s Office, the Health and Human Services Department, the Hartford Police Department, the Hartford Public Library to arts organizations such as Real Art Ways and Hartford TheatreWorks. Realizing that not everyone can afford a large scale production, Rabbit Ears Media seeks to work with the individual client to produce high quality productions while not breaking the bank. We are dedicated to work on creating innovative videos/films for our clients and their audience.